Why Drive An Electric Vehicle?

Posted by Michael Kay on Dec 26, 2019 9:37:30 AM

Why Drive Electric Vehicles

We are fast approaching a tipping point with electric vehicle adoption. Just a few years ago, the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Bolt, and Tesla's higher end Model S and model X made up the bulk of EV sales. Things have changed rapidly over the past couple years. Tesla has released its affordable model 3 and seen staggering sales numbers, becoming one of the best-selling vehicles in the country.

Taking their cue from the success of Tesla and the obvious demand for electric vehicles, all the major auto manufacturers are investing major dollars into the development of EV's. 2019 has seen an multitude of new EV's hit the market: Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, Porsche Taycan, & Audi E-tron just to name a few.

You can contribute the increased adoption of EV's to several factors, decreasing price of lithium ion batteries, increased charging infrastructure to relive range anxiety, or improvements in range and charge time of batteries but the one factor that has all the manufacturers investing billions into the rapid development of EV's is simple: market demand. Word has reached the masses about the benefits of owning an EV and the demand is growing steadily. There are many reasons to own an EV but here are some of biggest reasons we see in the EV community and when talking to our customers:


No More Gas

You may have expected this to be the first reason people would switch to electric and it shows up at the top of many lists for good reason. While you still need to pay for the electric to charge your EV, Electric vehicles cost around $30 per month to charge based on 12,000 miles per year. On average, you can expect to save 50% or more on fuel costs per year.


Convenient Charging


Ohio Electric Vehicle Charging Locations

Commercial chargers in Northeast Ohio and Columbus .

Screenshot from plugshare.com.

When people consider purchasing EV's one of the first things they think of is charging. The term range anxiety has been coined to describe EV driver's worry that they will be out somewhere and not able to find a charging station. In 2019, this is seldom the case. While finding a place to charge on the road is important for longer trips, the reality of being an EV driver is 90% of the time you are going to plug in at night at home and wake up to a full "tank of gas". For your average driver, who is commuting around town, they may go months without using a public charger. Trips to the gas station are nearly eliminated unless you need a bottle of water or a candy bar.



If you haven't driven an EV, you should go test drive one before purchasing your next vehicle. Even the lower end models have a much faster acceleration time than a comparable gasoline vehicle. The acceleration is near instant and since there is no transmission in an all-electric vehicle there is no need to wait on the vehicle to shift. The instant acceleration is one of the first things we hear from EV drivers and once you have it you definitely miss it when driving a gasoline vehicle.



EV's are put through the same rigorous tests as combustible engine vehicles. Along with the usual safety requirements there are additional tests required for electric vehicles. Tesla has set some of the highest safety ratings of any vehicle ever tested. All 3 of their current models have 5 star ratings from the NHTSA.

While we are still at the early stages of EV Adoption we have reached a tipping point. It is becoming increasing clear electric vehicles make sense on many different levels and this is why all the major auto manufacturers have decided to start retooling plants and redesigning vehicles from the ground up to prepare for the massive demand they see around the corner from consumers.

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