When is the best time to buy a generator? (Hint: Not during a storm.)

Posted by Michael Kay on Mar 5, 2018 11:15:52 AM

Best Time To Buy A Generator


Most days we take the electricity in our home for granted. We flip a switch and expect a light to come on. We open the door to the refrigerator and expect the milk to be cold, we expect the AC to work in the summer and the heat to work in the winter. It's hard to imagine back to a time before people had electric in their homes. The electricity that surrounds us has become so much a part of our daily lives that we don't notice it exists.


That is, until a storm hits and shocks (pun :) ) us back to reality. It never fails, every time a major storm hits - our phones start ringing with people wanting a generator. Unfortunately, we can't sell and install a generator the same day and we certainly can't for hundreds of customers all at once. The best time to buy a generator is before the next storm. In Ohio, we fare pretty well against natural disasters. We don't have to deal with hurricanes, earthquakes, or volcanoes; however, we do get the occasional thunderstorm or winter storm that knocks power out sometimes for a couple of days.


When storms strike and power outages occur we quickly discover which electrical items are a luxury and which are essential to our way of life. We might be able to live without Netflix (maybe?) but no one wants to see hundreds of dollars' worth of groceries go bad. While groceries are replaceable many people have medical devices that require power. Machines like CPAP's are essential, going a couple nights without being able to use them is not an option for many people.


Even for equipment that isn't necessary we are accustomed to certain comforts. Air conditioning in the summer isn't necessarily essential, but it is certainly better to wait out the power outage with some level of comfort. To ensure that you have all the essentials and a few of the key comforts, you need to plan well in advance of power outages.


Purchasing a generator can be a big decision but it is one you are typically thankful you made when you look down your street and see all of your neighbors without power. Want to learn all about standby and portable generators? Check out our Kohler® product knowledge guide!


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