Weathering the Storm: Life without a generator.

Posted by Michael Kay on Mar 5, 2018 2:06:06 PM



You flip on the morning news or get a dreaded weather alert on your cell phone. A bad storm is coming this evening starting at 6 pm. You're off to work but remember that you are long overdue for a trip to the grocery store. We know the fine people on the morning news tend to exaggerate these storms, but just in case you figure you better head to the store to stock up after work. You do have your mother-in-law with you, and with her health problems you can't take the chance of being without food or water for several days. 

Fast forward to 5 pm. Just as you are unloading the last bag from your car full of groceries, you start to see a drizzle of rain. As you are putting away your frozen pizza and meat for the next week's meals, you hear the wind and rain really starting to pick up. You don't think much of the rain and wind and sit down and turn on the evening news. You see the reporter standing outside with rain seemingly coming from all directions and lightning in the background. The news then flashes a weather map tracking the storms direction. Just as you start to figure out how close the storm is, you hear a loud crack followed immediately by the TV and the lights going out in your house. 

Luckily you picked up some candles at the store earlier so you begin to light them and go check on your mother-in-law. After getting everyone comfortable and cooking some pasta on your gas stove, you decide to call it a night and hope the power is restored by the morning. Before you go to bed you check on your mother-in-law who requires a CPAP machine to sleep. She tells you she will be ok without it for one night. You wish there was more you could do, but hopefully it will be just for one night. 

You wake up the sound of your cell phone alarm and think to yourself "good thing I got this portable battery charger for our family vacation last summer". You take a look at your favorite local news website and see that the storm has left thousands without power, and the power company doesn't expect to have all of the power restored to your city for 2 or 3 days. As you are signing off the website you notice a high today and tomorrow of 85 degrees, you immediately think about how hot your house gets without AC and the fridge full of groceries you just bought. 

You make some eggs on the stove and yell downstairs to your mother-in-law to let her know that breakfast is ready. She yells back saying that her wheelchair lift won't work. You completely forgot about the lift that needs electricity to work. You bring breakfast down to her then proceed upstairs to get ready for work by candlelight. 

You repeat this pattern for 3 days without power before it is finally restored. At the end of the two days you empty the recently purchased groceries into the trash. Everything has gone bad due to the heat. Your mother-in-law doesn't complain, but you can tell the last three days have been difficult for her as she was stuck downstairs and couldn't sleep well without her CPAP machine. 

With the power restored you finally sit down and flip on the news. Breaking News: Another storm this weekend. This one could be worse than the last. You think to yourself. "We're not doing this again, it's time to get a generator." 


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