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Posted by Michael Kay on Mar 31, 2020 3:49:06 PM


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“To state it mildly, we are living in unprecedented times.”

Michael McClintock. 2nd generation owner of McClintock Electric Inc. has seen a lot during his 40 plus years in the construction industry. Since its inception in 1963, the company has prospered through multiple swings in the economy, natural disasters and of course, the great recession of 2008. However, nothing compares to what they and the entire global community are experiencing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

With over 100 employees between his Wooster and Columbus locations, McClintock is acutely aware of the health and economic ramifications brought on by this crisis. His business philosophy has always been very basic. Found on their website is this statement:

“Longevity in business doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by treating your employees and clients with respect and honesty coupled with quality craftsmanship and service. It’s really that simple.”

Despite the many unknowns and uncertainties, McClintock and his team will continue to adhere to that statement albeit with recognition that for a period it will not be business as usual.

2019 was a year of significant growth for the company. A strategic acquisition increased both staff and revenue at their Columbus branch by a factor of ten. The corporate office in Wooster continued to remain solid and profitable engaging in many local projects and providing services to its list of longtime customers. In keeping with the company motto of “One Company, Many Solutions”, McClintock continued to maintain relevancy through investments in EV charger installations (Electric Vehicle chargers) and PV (Photo Voltaic or Solar Power) technologies. They expanded their market share in both Wooster and Columbus with residential and commercial grade generators and delved more into the residential service market as they recognized the need for homeowners looking to have small projects completed. In short, 2019 was a year that saw projects as large as a 500,000 square foot distribution facility to as small as the installation of a paddle fan for a homeowner.

“It’s the strength and skill of our team and the diversity of what we do that will help us survive this crisis.” Although it will be difficult, Michael is convinced that as a Nation, together we will make it through this crisis. “Our citizens have an indefatigable spirit that allows us to rise to any occasion”.

McClintock also recognizes that many people are in situations that are completely out of their control. The food service and entertainment industry has been devastated. Interrupted supply chains have or will affect some manufacturing. Retail stores are closed or operating at reduced capacity. It’s those people and companies who will be suffering the most.

A significant bright spot has been demonstrations of people willing and wanting to help those in need. Food banks have sprung up, there are many social media posts encouraging people to buy carry out from local restaurants, local non-profits are offering their services to help those in need.

To do their part, McClintock Electric Inc. will be offering significantly reduced rates and extended payment plans for emergency residential service calls for those unemployed due to the virus outbreak. Said Michael, “For as long as we can or as long as the crisis continues, we will do our best to help our community and those in need. We’re all in this together”




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